Why go on a spiritual retreat?

Jesus is our model in all things and He often took His disciples away for ‘spiritual retreats’ and He also repeatedly went off on His own seeking solitude and time alone with His Heavenly Father. Some who come to Quiet Waters simply need a little preventative maintenance (think oil change). Others come to Quiet Waters in personal or ministerial crisis (think engine overhaul). We are here to serve and encourage you wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

Who can come to Quiet Waters?

Quiet Waters is open to full-time Christian pastors and their spouses. Please note that to accomplish our purpose of providing a true retreat from the world for all our guests, we cannot accommodate children or pets. Email us (info@quietwatersretreat.org) to receive an application as reservations are held on a first come, first serve basis. 

What do I do on a spiritual retreat?

 You can do anything that will help refresh your soul, rekindle your marriage, or reaffirm your calling. So you can sit on the dock and talk with your spouse. You can read your Bible – not because you have a sermon to prepare but because God wants to speak to you. You can take a nap. You can exercise. You can read a biography about a godly leader from a previous generation. You can pray. We should point out that you will not be encouraged to watch TV, spend lots of time on social media, or ‘talk shop’ with other pastors about your church.

Is Quiet Waters really free?

One of the greatest hindrances to pastors engaging in this type of spiritual retreat will always be finances. Therefore, our retreats are completely free of charge and include lodging, support and counseling as needed, and all property activities and amenities! In other words, you are responsible to get yourself here and to get yourself home (sorry you can’t stay forever!) and we will take care of everything else. God is generous and loves to bless people and therefore our ministry likewise seeks to be generous and bless pastors.

Why does Quiet Waters exist?

Imagine the impact as hundreds of pastors and their spouses come to Quiet Waters each year and they encounter God in powerful ways as they are free from the demands of ministry and the distractions of everyday life. Then these pastors go back home with their spiritual batteries fully charged – deeper in love with Jesus, deeper in love with their spouse, deeper in love with their calling – and serve their churches and their communities like never before! And they are able like the Apostle Paul to serve with all of Christ’s energy working so powerfully in them as they proclaim Christ, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom so that they may present everyone fully mature in Christ! (Colossians 1:28-29) That is why we exist!

How can we partner with the ministry of Quiet Waters?

In order to make these retreats free to pastors and their spouses, we do need to partner with people who love God’s church. You can provide ongoing prayer support, you can provide a one-time gift to help with startup costs, and/or you can provide an annual gift to sponsor a pastor couple to come for a week. As you pray about how God might be leading you, here are some specific ways you can partner with Quiet Waters and make an eternal impact for God’s Kingdom!


  • Sponsor a pastor and spouse for a week long spiritual retreat $500
  • Sponsor 2 pastor couples for week long spiritual retreats $1,000
  • Sponsor an entire week of spiritual retreats (4 pastors & spouses) $2,000
  • Help purchase speakers for worship music in every room $2,500
  • Help purchase kayaks, paddle boards, and bicycles for re-creation $5,000
  • Help purchase books, videos, and other resources for our library $7,000